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A85ASM.EXE 63116 3/14/2016 7:07:27 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:27 PM  
    This a is cross assembler for the IBM PC which accepts 8085 assembly source code and generates object files compatible with the NEC and M100. Object files may be produced in Intel Hex, HXFER hex, or .CO binary. Full 'C' source code is included.  
BASCON.ZIP 459974 3/14/2016 7:07:33 PM 1/27/2019 5:39:36 PM  
   BASCON 2.1 - Gary Weber's Model 100 to NEC Basic program conversion utility. Converts PRINT@XX syntax to LOCATE(X,Y), and converts addresses for many CALLs, PEEKs, and POKEs!! Uses NEC100.DAT. Compiled with QB64, and should work on Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit. 
BINCON.ZIP 44497 3/14/2016 7:07:33 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:33 PM  
   BINCON 1.1 - Gary Weber's Model 100 to NEC .CO program conversion utility. Uses NEC100.DAT. [16-Bit DOS compatible] 43378 3/14/2016 7:07:29 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:29 PM  
   DASM 1.1 - Gary Weber's NEC/M100 8085 Disassembler, works with .CO files as stored on your desktop PC. Even displays extra information about known RAM/ROM addresses in the comments of the disassembly output. Uses NEC100.DAT. [16-Bit DOS compatible] 427968 3/14/2016 7:07:28 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:29 PM  
   This file contains two disassemblies, one for the TRS-80 Model 100, the other for the NEC PC-8201A. Both of these were generated by DASM, and used the NEC100.DAT file to recognize many entry points to ROM routines and various high-RAM addresses. The result is a somewhat-commented disassembly which makes browsing much more useful. 
DL-ARC.EXE 498185 3/14/2016 7:07:31 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:31 PM  
   Contained in this archive is the DeskLink software. DeskLink turns your DOS computer into an emulation of the Tandy Portable Disk Drive. Thus, saving and loading files to your MS-DOS computer from your Laptop is "exactly" the same as saving and loading from a Tandy Portable Disk Drive. Additionally, DeskLink supports proprietary extensions to the TPDD protocol that allow one level of subdirectory navigation off of the \ROOT directory, when using TS-DOS. Access to your DOS computer running DeskLink requires a special null-modem cable (such as the Club 100 CompLink Cable - see catalog) and TS-DOS v3.0 or higher. Club 100 sells version 4.0 of TS-DOS on ROM ( The DeskLink software contained in DL-ARC.EXE works only on MS-DOS, not within Windows! 
LaddieCon.exe 28672 3/14/2016 7:07:33 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:33 PM  
   LaddieCon is a TPDD/TPDD2 emulator written specifically for Windows, running on top of the .Net Framework. It functions as an exact emulator of the TPDD/TPDD2 disk drive protocol. You simply run this software on your Windows PC from within whatever subdirectory that contains the files you want to transfer/receive. Documentation can be found here: Only for Windows! 54500 3/14/2016 7:07:27 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:28 PM  
   This archive contains these items:
Gary Weber's NEC PC-8201/8300 Memory Map / Hook Table / Port Map.
Gary Weber's Model 100 to NEC RAM & ROM address cross-reference data file.
Robert Covington's Model 100 System Map
nec100.dat 18280 3/14/2016 7:07:30 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:30 PM  
   Model 100 to NEC RAM & ROM address cross-reference data file. Also contained in BINCON.ZIP, BASCON.ZIP, DASM.ZIP, and MAPS.ZIP. 
PDD210.ZIP 26668 3/14/2016 7:07:32 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:32 PM  
   Connect your Tandy Portable Disk Drive (1 or 2) to your DOS-based desktop PC and access your disks! 
RELOC.ZIP 33528 3/14/2016 7:07:28 PM 3/14/2016 7:07:28 PM  
   RELOC 1.1 - Gary Weber's .CO program relocation utility, for Model 100 and NEC .CO programs. Works on .CO files stored on your desktop PC. Will change any .CO to load at your specified starting address in memory. [16-Bit DOS compatible] 

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