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e holds the wishfulnes
e holds the wishfulness, closes his eyes, and protects the souls of the pool from enjoying the human glory Newport Cigarettes Coupons. He also protects the good and good people from entering the Pinglang court to Luohantang. Inside the stone-plastic Luohan display full hall, a total of eight hundred statues Newport Cigarettes, arranged in the left and right loops, a row in the middle, two rows, the opposite, the back and back, in different poses, different looks, looks old and heavy, encompassing the human world Wanxiang is among them, and there is no such thing as inner and outer wonders. Eight hundred arhats are suffering from human suffering and become a god. The whole Luohantang gathers the truth of the world and breaks the cause of good and evil on earth. The magical place in Luohantang--"Number Luohan" Marlboro Cigarettes, the pilgrim with the first eye, selected the starting Zunhan forward number is the same as his age, to the end of the Zun Luohan, his life experience describes a year of fortune . When I am constant, I also feel the spirit. After the count, I exchanged a vouchers for the ternary merits in exchange for a poem. There are seven quatrains on the exchange window, and I have a life experience in Luohan, which is simple and profound, and breaks the truth of the red world. . Eight hundred arhats have a total of eight hundred poems, and they can't be read. There are poems and signs: "Life is a game of chess, and Yizhuang is also a kind of game. Onlookers are clear and ruthless, and they are conscious and discreet." ). Reading is often a long-lasting sensation, not accurate, only asking for spiritual revelation. A number of Luohan people are often young friends who have a desire for it. They know that there are few people who know the fate of the destiny. Most of them who know the fate of turnover are not interested. Luo Hantang often sat in the doorway to interpret poetry for pilgrims, answer questions for mortal pilgrims, enlighten and understand the world's dam, grow three linden trees in the dam, towering in the sky, stone chairs and stone tables listed below, often pilgrims , Daxie, the singer sat on the conversation. On the left side of the dam is the courtyard where the Daxiong Hall is located, followed by the release pool, from the narrow road between the Daxiong Hall and the release pool to the back door of the temple, passing through the Mazu Hall, the Fortuna Temple, and the Guanyin Hall. Sincerely respectful, the sewed hall will enter, and the back door temples will be very popular. Everyone has their own desires, they can't ask for it, they can't ask for it, they can't reach it, and they ask God to worship Buddha. This quiet place has an infinite number of sentient beings to visit, and it is hoped that the Buddha and Bodhisattva are too busy to come. Guanyin Tuoshi Cloud: Asking for others is better than asking for yourself. This is the world's true and sincere solution to the desire to solve the problem. If you want to work hard, you can't regret it. You just want to do what you want: to worship Buddha and seek bodhisattva Marlboro Gold, but to keep your wishes, to be safe, to be careless, to be confident. Full of life, this is the god of Buddha and Bodhisattva. If you want to redouble your efforts, you will continue to improve. When the name is fulfilled, it will collect all the sufferings that exist in the hands of the Buddha and Bodhisattva Wholesale Cigarettes. The Buddha and Bodhisattva will not blame me for making a fuss here.
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Forums > The Lobby > General > e holds the wishfulnes

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