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tough to boil down this offseason
In the NFL , just under half of first round picks end up being busts. Furthermore, about 70 percent of second round picks don't pan out, in general. Yet. every single year fans expects their first round pick to be a star and their second round pick to a quality starter at least. The only time fans don’t have insanely high expectations for their picks is when their team does something profoundly stupid and even then people are quick to talk themselves into it.Getting overly excited about young players is a big issue for many fans. They get too caught up in the strengths and potential of each player that they struggle to take a step back and look at things from a more objective point of view. They have an idealized version of the upcoming season in mind and there is almost no chance that it actually works out as they hope.As a result, most fans can think back over the past few years and name a dozen players that were just terribly disappointing to them. Many of these players were high first round picks, but many still are late round picks and undrafted free agents that got a little too much hype in training camp.But there is always that one player that sticks out in everyone’s mind. A player that the entire fan base believed would be the savior of the franchise. Yet Ben Powers Jersey , for one reason or another, they fell well short of expectations. Here is every NFL team’s most disappointing draft pick. By this point in the offseason most of the big-name, high-dollar contracts have already been inked. A majority of the offseason transactions have been finalized, and we’re left waiting for the regular season. While we sit and anticipate the few high-profile trades yet to come, there’s no better time to look back and reflect on the moves that have already taken place. With all the talent that has changed places , it’s tough to boil down this offseason into just 20 slots. But we don’t mind. All of that talent changing places makes the possibilities for the regular season so much better. With strong offenses seemingly getting stronger, and defenses around the league doing the same thing, it’s becoming tougher to analyze which teams will be at the top after the first few weeks of the season. But these transactions provide some insight on the teams that likely will be the one’s everyone else is chasing.As always, some of these moves have transformed a team for the better – turning eventual failures into playoff bound teams. On the other hand, there are the teams that shelled out way too much money Trace McSorley Jersey , or way too much talent, to acquire a new face for their franchise. There have also been a slew of signings that don’t seem to effect the outcome of the game for the better or worse … but we’re not talking about those transactions here. Here, we will focus on the top 20 transactions of the 2017 offseason. Here, we look at the 10 absolute best moves, as well as the 10 absolute worst moves. These are the 20 transactions that have changed team’s the most heading into the 2017 season.
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Forums > NEC PC-8201A / PC-8300 Laptop Computers > General/Help > tough to boil down this offseason

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