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When a mage of the Arcane Order

New Spell: When a mage of the Arcane Order reaches 5th level, and again at 8th level, a fellow wizard allows the character to copy a spell from his or her spellbook (chosen by the player, subject to the DM's approval). He does not need to make a Spellcraft check to copy the spell into his own spellbook, although specialist wizards still cannot learn spells from prohibited schools. Spellcasters who do not use spellbooks gain no benefit from this ability.

Regent: A 10th-level mage of the Arcane Order is awarded the status of regent. A regent gains a +2 competence bonus on all Charisma-based interaction checks when dealing with lower-level members of the Order.

Spellpool: A magical reservoir of spell energy is bound into a special matrix in a guarded vault on a sublevel of the Order's headquarters. Using his guild focus, a mage of the Arcane Order can "call" spells from this common resource as needed.

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Forums > The Lobby > General > When a mage of the Arcane Order

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