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Calling a spell from the Spellpool

Calling a Spell: Calling a spell from the Spellpool can be done at any distance but requires the caster to have an open, unused spell slot of the appropriate level. Wizards preparing spells for the day decide at that time whether to leave some spell slots open. A spellcaster can call only for a spell of a level cigarettes online that he could normally cast. He can call a number of spells per day whose total levels are equal to or less than half his caster level (round down, minimum one). For example, Turial Edemont, a 5th-level wizard/4th-level mage of the Arcane Order can call one 4th-level spell per day, two 2nd-level spells per day, or any other combination of spells whose levels do not exceed four, assuming he has slots available and his Spellpool debt isn't too high.

When a caster calls a spell, he Newport cigarettes takes a full-round action to concentrate on his focus (which provokes attacks of opportunity). The spell appears in the caster's mind at the beginning of his next turn and can be used immediately. However, if he does not cast the called spell within a number of minutes equal to his caster level, it fades from his mind as though cast. A wizard cannot learn a called spell, despite its temporary presence in his consciousness, though of course he could later attempt to learn the spell through standard means.

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Forums > The Lobby > General > Calling a spell from the Spellpool

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