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PC-8201A won't boot (from Kieron McGrath's guestbook post)
> Gary
> I just knew that somewhere on the web somebody would have a site devoted to the NEC8201!
> Can I ask for some assistance?
> I have resurrected my circa 1985 8201 along with printer and disk drive.
> Not surprisingly the backup battery was flat so I got that swapped out yesterday.
> When I powered up the machine the menu failed to appear. I get a blank screen which varies in intensity but nothing else.
> I have done a cold reset, but to no avail.
> Do you have any suggestions?
> Regards
> Kieron McGrath - SCS Astro Ltd -


The cause could be any number of things, from the "Backup Power" switch on the bottom of the laptop being in the OFF position, which will prevent it from booting, or a bad LCD screen, or even a failed component on the motherboard.

After you're sure the switch is ON but the problem persists, we can determine if it is the LCD that has failed by doing the following:

1) Turn your 8201A on.
2) Press ENTER.
3) Type the letters "BEEP", and press ENTER.

What you have done is gone into BASIC and issued the beep sound command. If you do hear a beep sound, then we know the motherboard is working and something in the LCD has gone bad. In this case, one could be swapped in from another laptop. Given that you're in the U.K., it probably wouldn't be practical for you to ship yours here to have someone repair it.

I might be able to sell you a replacement screen (via PayPal?) and ship it out to you, if you feel comfortable opening up your laptop, unplugging a ribbon cable, taking out a few screws, and performing the replacement yourself. (It really isn't too tough.) I have a stockpile of a few laptops I keep around for replacement parts.

If it is the motherboard, you're probably better off buying a used NEC PC-8201A off of eBay. Somtimes there are some good deals that come up, and you might be able to get one for around USD$30, if that type of investment was appealing to you.

Good luck to you, and let me know.

Gary Weber
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Forums > NEC PC-8201A / PC-8300 Laptop Computers > General/Help > PC-8201A won't boot (from Kieron McGrath's guestbook post)

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