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nadsboxusersguide_v102.pdf 778255 1/28/2020 1:13:27 PM 1/28/2020 1:13:27 PM  
   As if the incredible job Ken Pettit has done developing the NADSBox product hardware and software wasn't enough, he created this amazingly detailed manual to go along with it! 
SYNCTM.BA 337 1/28/2020 1:13:27 PM 1/28/2020 1:13:27 PM  
   This is the NEC version of the little time-sync utility written by John R. Hogerhuis. Since the NADSBox has its own battery-backed clock, you can use this little utility to set your NEC's system date & time to what's in the NADSBox. This is perfect for those early moments after a cold start! 

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