NEC PC-8201A/PC-8300 Files

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Files for a Windows / DOS PC Files that you would load or run on a Windows or DOS PC.
NEC Option ROM Images If you have access to an EPROM burner and have a stash of 27C256 EPROMs, you can download these images and create your own option ROMs of these popular previously-commercial programs!
Productivity Productivity tools to make your day-to-day activities easier to manage.
Telecommunications Modem and COM port telecommunications programs to keep you connected.
Wordprocessing and text formatting Enhancements for the wordprocessing capabilities of your laptop.
Games & Entertainment Games & music files supply a well needed diversion.
Programming Utilities Tools that will help you program your laptop.
Graphics Utilities Model 100 graphic character & LINE() command implementations, and other Various graphics utilties.
General Utilities Operating system and other utilities.
NADSBox Utilities & Support Files Files dedicated to the NADSBox, "New Age" Digital Storage device that makes your old Tandy Portable Disk Drive obsolete.
Miscellaneous This is the "catch-all" category. There's lots of creative people out there who write programs for their NEC for just about any purpose. Who's to say that you won't find some use out of people's random ideas?

The Original Laptop Computer . . . 1983

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