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PC-8201A Photo

Welcome to the computer side of the Potent Portables page, a place dedicated to the NEC PC-8201A, a sister design of the Tandy Model 100 and the Tandy Model 102 laptops. If you have a NEC PC-8201A, the information and links presented here will help you get the most out of your classic laptop. If something of interest is not here yet -- and starting a good technical support web site takes time -- email me. I am willing to help you via email with any PC-8201A or Model 100/102 questions.

The NEC PC-8201A is an example of the application of simple technology to relatively simple tasks. The NEC has only three built-in applications, (1) the BASIC computer programming language, (2) the TEXT editor, and (3) the TELCOM terminal emulator. There is no hard disk. There is no floppy disk. There is no backlighting on the display. The display is a black and white reflective LCD. The laptop runs on four AA batteries. Nothing in the design is complicated. Computing simplicity. Reliable. Just the way that I like it.

This site is a work in progress. Eventually, this site will have a complete reference to the built-in applications: TEXT, TELCOM, and BASIC. I also plan to have: programming guides for the NEC PC-8201A in BASIC and assembler, technical reference material, and links to sources of files for the M100, T102, and NEC on the net. However, other things and people demand attention, so I can't do this stuff all the time :)

Original author of this page: David Firth.

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